The mission of Hearts for Heat is to provide heating assistance to qualified residents of the Town of North Brookfield.

The officers of the North Brookfield Chapter are:

  • President/Secretary:  Sue Lewandowski
  • Treasurer:  Michelle Petraitis
  • Applications Facilitator:  Ellen Smith
  • Board Members:

Louise Bouchard
Tina Buzzell
Crystal Caron
Tom Lewandowski
Caitlin O'Connor

North Brookfield Chapter Founder:
      Suzanne Lewandowski

Application correspondence should be sent to Ellen Smith at h4hnorthbrookfield@gmail.com, or by mail to:

    North Brookfield Hearts for Heat
    P.O. Box 44
    North Brookfield, MA 01535

Any other questions should be sent to Ellen Smith at h4hnorthbrookfield@gmail.com.

You can visit the Town of North Brookfield's website by following this link.