A Unique Event . . .

Dream Dinners

Wednesday, February 7th at 6 pm and 7 pm.

Benefitting the Princeton Chapter of

Hearts for Heat

Hearts for Heat invites you to participate in Dream Dinners. You will assemble delicious and healthy meals to take home and freeze. You then thaw and cook the meals when you want them.

No planning, shopping, prep work, or cleanup associated with meal preparation! You will assemble three 3-serving meals to take home and enjoy with your family.

The cost is $34.99. During this exclusive fundraiser, $10 from each purchase will be donated to the Princeton Chapter of Hearts for Heat.

Location:  West Boylston Dream Dinners, 184 West Boylston Street, West Boylston, MA 01583

Current and new Dream Dinners guests can participate.

Space is limited.

To RSVP please visit:  
http://www.dreamdinners.com/fundraiser/737219      (6:00 PM)  
http://www.dreamdinners.com/fundraiser/737220      (7:00 PM)  

For more details, contact Beth MacAdams at 978-464-2916, or at



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