Homes on the Tour

The "Cube" House
The “cube” house was designed by architect Don Metz. Built in 1968, it has grown to 6 times its original size. A beautiful location with unlimited  gardening potential.
Lewis House
The Dr. Elisha Sears Lewis and Catherine Lewis House was built in 1908 by builder Mr. Doolittle of Princeton. The house was built in the “Arts and Crafts” style which lasted from the late 1880 until about 1920. The movement began in England and moved throughout Europe and North America and was known for it’s craftsmanship and simple form. Willam Morris (Morris Chair) was one of the more well-known designers of this movement. The owners have endeavored to restore the house to its original design.
Roper Hill House
This house at the top of “Old Roper Hill” has been in the Roper and Hatch families for many generations. The hill was used to harvest trees for the family run lumber mill, then eventually became a series of lively summer camps for The Ropers and The Hatch Family. The house was rebuilt in 1969 after the original burned to the ground. The current home is similar to the family’s former cedar home, with lattice and a koi pond.
"Stone" house
The “Stone” house was designed and built by the current owners in 2008 and sits in a park-like setting on the top of a small hill. It was partially constructed of New England fieldstone and features custom details throughout.
Fifth House


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